Laptop Alarm

Laptop Alarm 2.2

Makes a loud noise if the laptop is being stolen
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Protects your laptop from being stolen by sounding a loud alarm whenever it gets disconnected from the power cable. Also, prevents your peripherals like your mouse or your headphones from being taken.

Did you ever hesitate to leave your laptop for a few minutes in a public space like a library? No need for that with Laptop Alarm. Laptop Alarm will emit a loud alarm whenever someone tries to steal your laptop. Download the latest version now!
- Protects using proven technologies
- Leave your lock at home; your power cable is your lock now
- Highly integrated in the Windows environment. Locking your desktop means locking your laptop
- Also protects peripherals like your usb stick and mouse
Laptop Alarm is the recommended solution for anyone with a laptop on the road or in public places.

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